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NaziInDowntown need to be checked by other admins

Tongue  (This post was last modified: 03-19-2019, 06:58 PM by NaziInDowntown. Edit Reason: upgraded my app )

(+5 points) Name*: Logan steven ward

(+5 points) Age*: 17
(+5 points) Steam ID*:  76561198095382821

(-10 points per warn) Warns on the server*: none

(+0 points) Steam Community Link*:https://steamcommunity.com/groups/downserversdarkrp

(+0 points) Country*: england

(+0 points) Timezone*: Standerr GTM 

(over 400 hours = +10 points) Hours on Garry's Mod*: i have nearly 400 i have 371hrs

(Over 12 hours = +25 points) Hours on the server (12 Hours minimum)*: i have 14hrs on this server

(+10 points per staff experience) Previous experiences as a staff member: i ahve been admin on a police rp server called real cops and a darkrp server called celerium.co

(Reach word requirement = +50 points) Why do you want to assist DownServers? (150 Words minimum)*: i wanted to because on my arrivalt to the server there was no one online and then i came back 1 week later and realised how much it had improved so i started grinding and talking with admins and instantly became welcome to the server like its my home. also, i have been on many servers before and ive never played a server where i have felt protected from mingers and other stuff like ddosers and u get the gist also i have felt like i can trust people on this server and if i say please dont kill me or raid me they wont because they have respect for one another and i feel like the nice people on the server are all my family because we communicate in a positive vibe and it makes me feel so good  

Do you have a microphone? (+5 points if you have a microphone): nope

Do you know how to speak English fluently? (+5 points if you do): yes 

(+10 points for reaching word requirement) What makes you stand above other applicants (50 Words minimum)*: i am a very calm person and i can deal with people and i have no life so i will be on a lot and i like dealing with minges because it makes me feel happy that there is 1 less minge on my list 
(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being accepted*: help the server and free it of no intend to rp minges 

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being denied*: carry on playing the server and supporting it and try an app later 

Other information: i am fat,have no life and i am smart 


Please Follow The Template Provided.


(03-18-2019, 06:16 PM)Lethal Wrote: Please Follow The Template Provided.

i did


Good Application I will see what the other staff think before I make my decision.


--=ON HOLD=--

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