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DarkRP Rules


DarkRP Rules

General Rules

1.1 - Using cheats, hacks, abusing glitches, and using other third party software to give yourself an advantage over other players (such as auto clickers) is not allowed.

1.2 - Racism and/or discrimination is not allowed.

1.3 - Minges will not be tolerated.

1.4 - Trolling will not be tolerated.

1.5 - Do not disrespect other members.

1.6 - Scamming is not allowed. Also, do not steal items which other players have dropped to carry out a transaction.

1.7 - 
Do not harass/grief/troll players of the community

1.8 - Do not advertise other servers.

1.9 - Do not promote anything conflicting with the rules in adverts, chat, laws, or by any other means.

1.10 - 
You are not allowed to have an invisible physgun.

1.11 - Do not purposefully attempt to find loopholes in the rules.

1.12 - Exploits of any kind are bannable.

1.13 - OOC chats, adverts, requests, job radios, and broadcasts are English-Only. Other chats are international. Avoid spamming in any of these chats.

1.14 - If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn them or contact an admin.

1.15 - Do not RP in the spawn area.

1.16 - 
No disrespectful RP names.

1.17 - Do not attempt to impersonate players or staff. This includes using staff tags or tags that look very similar.

1.18 - You may play inappropriate/adult content on the TV if it is located in your own property. 

1.19 - Do not block off NPCs.   

1.20 - Use common sense!

Basic RP Rules

2.1 - Do not Prop-climb.

2.2 - Do not Prop-push.

2.3 - Do not Prop-surf.

2.4 - Do not Prop-block.

2.5 - Do not return to your death place until 3 minutes after you are killed. (NLR)

2.6 - Do not arrest anybody without a valid reason. (RDA)

2.7 - Do not kill someone randomly which is RDM (Random Death Match).

2.8 - Do not Metagame, meaning you can't use OOC-obtained information IC.

2.9 - Do not Powergame, meaning you can't force people into situations.

2.10 - Do not FearRP, you must follow FearRP by acting afraid of threatening situations that affect your own or accomplices' lives.

2.11 - Do not FailRP, do not do unrealistic things out of context.

2.12 - You cannot build on the roads or the sidewalks.
• Hobos and hobo king may build on the sidewalks.
• The government may build a checkpoint on the street.

2.13 - Do not mic-spam.
• If you want to play music through your microphone, have an appropriate prop and ensure the sound is not too loud and your microphone quality is decent.

2.14 - Do not AFK farm printer(s) and/or bitcoin machine(s).

2.15 - Have a suitable RP name.

2.16 - Do not reconnect, suicide, change job or do anything else to avoid a roleplay situation.

2.17 - Switch to Citizen when going AFK for more than 5 minutes. A staff member can remove you from your job if you are AFK for more than 5 minutes.

2.18 - Your character needs to have a valid in-character reason for their actions, especially ones that harm or otherwise affect other players. The action needs to be appropriate for the reason.

2.19 - You may not physgun your printer(s) to avoid it from being stolen.

2.20 - 
Do not sit-glitch at all. 

Government Rules

3.1 - Do not randomly stun players (abuse stunstick).

3.2 - You require a proper reason to weapon check players.

3.3 - Don't warrant players without a roleplay reason.

3.4 - Do not issue a lockdown without a reason and ensure you have ended it when appropriate.

3.5 - Do not kill or injure any other government member.

3.6 - The government cannot commit a crime.

3.7 - The laws must be realistic and appropriate for other players.

3.8 - You may not raid without a warrant. A building open to the public does not require a warrant to go into unless there is a closed-off private area such as a back room.

3.9 - The government may not arrest hobos or the hobo king during a lockdown.

3.10 - You must attempt to arrest before using lethal force unless lethal force is used against you or otherwise stated in laws.

Crime Rules


4.1 - The player you are mugging must be clearly identified, near you, and not building.

4.2 - When mugging players, you may demand a maximum of $5000.

4.3 - The minimum time allowed during a mug is 15 seconds before killing on sight.

4.4 - Counter mugging is allowed, as long as you follow rule 2.10.

4.5 - You may not mug certain classes like Hobos, Pets, Civil Protection, etc.


5.1 - You must clearly state you are kidnapping someone through the advert command.

5.2 - You may have up to two victims at once.

5.3 - You can only hold the person for 15 minutes, after that time, they are to be executed or let free. You must state you have this person through an advert at least 2 times.

5.4 - The maximum kidnap release price is $10,000, and $20,000 for the Mayor.

5.5 - While being kidnapped, and held captive, you cannot request help in chat/OOC/advert/third-party.


6.1 - Hitmen must make sure their employers have a valid reason to place a hit on someone, failure to do so may lead to both the hitman and their employer being punished for RDM.

6.2 - Hitman has permission to raid when the victim is inside a base.

6.3 - Once a hit is accepted you must advert Hit Accepted.

6.4 - Do not ask someone to put a hit onto a certain player,

6.5 - Do not place hit on Staff on duty.


7.1 - You can kill anyone affiliated with the building you're raiding, in the general area you are raiding.

7.2 - Any regular raiding class is allowed to raid the PD.

7.3 - Anyone inside the building you're raiding on sight.

7.4 - Counter Raiding is allowed, but you must advert counter.

7.5 - Once the building has been raided fully (meaning all items that are raid-able have been taken), you must leave the building. You can not sit in a building and call it yours. You must leave once the raid is over.

7.6 - There must be 2 Government officials to raid PD or The Bank.

7.8 - You cannot build while you're being raided. 

7.9 - You can not raid while someone is building.

7.10 - You cannot build in a base that you are raiding.



8.1 - Mugging the same person is 5-minute cooldown.

8.2 - Mugging a different person is 2-minute cooldown.


8.3 - You can only kidnap once every 10 minutes.

8.4 - Kidnapping the same person is 30-minute cooldown.

8.5 - Kidnappers can hold their victim up to 15 minutes.


8.6 - Raiding the same base is 10-minute cooldown.

8.7 - Raiding a different base is 5-minute cooldown.


8.9 - Terror lasts for 30 seconds.

8.10 - Terror cooldown is 30 minutes.


8.11 - Rape cooldown is 5 minutes.

8.12 - Raping the same person is 10 minutes.

Basing Rules

9.1 - You may have up to 3 fading doors.

9.2 - All fading doors must have a visible keypad on both sides of the door.

9.3 - Invisible props or entities are not allowed, meaning that invisible material is prohibited.

9.4 - All fading doors must have a minimum of 5 seconds cooldown.

9.5 - While building your base, you are allowed to put up a "Building" text screen that protects you from Roleplay. Once the base is finished the text screen must be removed. You cannot have money printers, weapon shipments or drugs while you have the text screen up. Textscreen must also be above font size 50.

9.6 - There has to be room for at least 3 players to fit between each fading door.

9.7 - Unreasonable KOS signs are not allowed.

9.8 - Players cannot be forced to crouch or jump to move throughout your base.

9.9 - KOS Lines are allowed, but you must own the property to put a KOS line on it. You cannot own sidewalks or roads. Without KOS lines, you must warn a person to leave, if they do not listen, then you can kill them.

9.10 - Death Mazes that are created to confuse or trap players raiding are not allowed.

9.11 - All entities are considered props, this includes cameras, text screens, etc.

9.12 - You may not have a building, kos sign at the same time.

9.13 - You may not roleplay while a building sign is in place.

9.14 - Every fading door must have a keypad or button.

9.15 - Your base must be raidable by all classes with raiding capabilities

9.16 - Do not materialize or hide keypads/buttons.

9.17 - You may block off excess entrances to your base, like your second entrance, windows, etc.

9.18 - Ramps inside bases must be built so the person using the ramp cannot fall off.

9.19 - If you leave your base while building you must remove your building sign.

9.20 - You cannot prop block your money printers, weapon shipments, or drugs off in your base. They must be raidable.

9.21 - When making a defense in your base, the intruder must be able to see you when you're shooting at them. They must be able to shoot at you also.

9.22 - Blackout/Colorout bases are not allowed.

9.23 - If building on a rooftop a solid staircase or ramp is needed.

9.24 - Sky bases are only allowed by the staff's permission.

9.25 -  No concentration camps or inappropriate structures.


10.1 - Respect staff members.

10.2 - Listen to the staff's decisions, they aren't negotiable.

10.3 - When requesting an admin only use !Report. You must provide relevant information and actual rule breakage, do not be aggressive or use caps-locked messages.

10.4 - Do not run away from admin sit, or when the staff member is talking to you.

10.5 - 
Do not lie to the staff members. 

10.6 - Do as the staff say. If you are speaking over the admin this is considered disrespect. You will be punished.

10.7 - Do not spam the admin chat with requests. Staff can often get busy and you may have to wait a short amount of time. Use !Report and wait patiently, requesting help again every few minutes if you don’t get an answer.

10.8 - Do not demote players if staff are on.

10.9 - Interfering in a Staff Sit in any way is against the rules and you may get jailed for this (Staff Discretion).

10.10 - If you have problems with staff, whether it is abuse, disrespect, or handling sits wrong, make a report at https://downservers.mistforums.com/categ...rts-438791. Do NOT disrespect them in game, this will only cause problems.

Job Rules

Cinema Owner

Own house:
Own Shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Pistol
Team: Doge, Security Guard, Doge, Slave.


Own houseNo
Own shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: None 
Team: All

Gun Dealer

Own house: Yes
Own shop: Yes
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Pistol
Teaming: Gun dealer, Doge, Security Guard, Slave.


Own house: No
Own shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: None 
Teaming: Hobo, Doge, Hobo King, Slave.


Own house: Yes
Own shop: Yes
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: None
Teaming: Medic, Doge, Security Guard, Slave.

Oil Driller

Own houseYes
Own shop: Yes
Own base: Yes
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Pistol
Teaming: Oil Driller, Doge, Security Guard, Citizen, Slave.

Radio DJ

Own house: Yes
Own shop: Yes
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Pistol
Teaming: Doge, Citizen, Security Guard, Slave.

Retro Miner 

Own house: Yes
Own shop: Yes
Own base: Yes
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Pistol
Teaming: Retro Miner, Citizen, Doge, Security Guard, Slave.

Security Guard

Own house: No
Own shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Assualt Rifle
Teaming: All


Own house: No
Own shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: Assualt Rifle
Teaming: None


Own house: No
Own shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: None
Teaming: All

Street Performer

Own house: Yes
Own shop: No
Own base: No
Contraband: No
Weapon-grade: None
Teaming: Street Performer, Radio DJ.


Own house: Yes
Own shop: Yes
Own base: No
Contraband: Yes
Weapon-grade: None
Teaming: Stripper, Doge, Security Guard, Slave.

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