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Staff Application


(+5 points) Name*: Jack

(+5 points) Age*: 12

(+5 points) Steam ID*:STEAM_0:0:224083806

(-10 points per warn) Warns on the server*:0

(+0 points) Steam Community Link*:

(+0 points) Country*:Northen Ireland

(+0 points) Timezone*:London

(over 400 hours = +10 points) Hours on Garry's Mod*:Yes

(Over 12 hours = +25 points) Hours on the server (12 Hours minimum)*:No

(+10 points per staff experience) Previous experiences as a staff member: Yes ASAP

(Reach word requirement = +50 points) Why do you want to assist DownServers:

 (+5 points if you have a microphone):Yes and im willing to use it.

Do you know how to speak English fluently? (+5 points if you do): Don’t know

(+10 points for reaching word requirement) What makes you stand above other applicants (50 Words minimum)*:
I am usually a calm person to talk to at times and am quite mature; I understand how to handle situations well especially under pressure and I am confident in my communication abilities. I care about others a lot and I would call myself a caring person, however, I wouldn't be quick to take sides with someone who is in the wrong according to the servers rules as for when given rules I'm especially good at both following and enforcing them. I often see a lot of people on the server who are massRDMing or Prop killing which I believe I could help with during my time online the server. I will be quick to respond to received reports of rdm and prop killing as I've seen them so many times before as both me and others in the server have been affected by them. I also believe that my previous experience in administration will be a big help to others on the server as I know how to handle situations and disputes along with other events that might need a sit such as: nlr, prop killing, and mingeing

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being accepted*: Jump up and down on my chair and break the wheels

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being denied*: Say the F word and Wait 2 weeks and improve on the rules


- support 
- did not answer the questions fluently 
- your a bit young 

+ Detailed app with some Questions


Did not Answer all the questions.

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