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Johns Staff App V.2

(This post was last modified: 03-18-2019, 07:34 PM by Johnn.)

(+5 points) Name*: John

(+5 points) Age*: 16

(+5 points) Steam ID*: STEAM_0:1:186369727

(-10 points per warn) Warns on the server*: 0

(+0 points) Steam Community Link*:  Didn't understand this one sorry pm me for info about it.

(+0 points) Country*: Sweden

(+0 points) Timezone*: GMT +1

(over 400 hours = +10 points) Hours on Garry's Mod*: 417

(Over 12 hours = +25 points) Hours on the server (12 Hours minimum)*: 9 *Down told me exceptions were made*

(+10 points per staff experience) Previous experiences as a staff member: Yes, I've been staff on multiple servers but had to resign for school and IRL issues, but thats fixed now and I'm back on GMOD, I have had many staff experiences, but on popular servers only 3 times, ASAP Gaming once, Naxal once and OGL once.

(Reach word requirement = +50 points) Why do you want to assist DownServers? (150 Words minimum)*:
I want to assist Down's servers because I think I can help out alot and I've realized that backup is needed for Down's servers since it's growing daily, I want to help because I am dedicated and exprienced and think I can be a big improvment to Down's servers. Also because as I already explained I'm dedicated and putting my dedication into Down's would mean that I would have goals that I msut reach for example my first goal would be to help/claim 100+ users/sits and always have happy users/players at the end of each sit, I am interested in seeing how the work inviorment is surrounding Down's servers since it seems quite well and if I can help it would mean alot. Another reason is because I want to help down, how you ask? well if a server has good staff the server will get donators the more donators the better addons the better addons the more players/donators which will result in a happy server team.

Do you have a microphone? (+5 points if you have a microphone): Yes, and it's working.

Do you know how to speak English fluently? (+5 points if you do): Yes, I speak (Swedish, English) fluently.

(+10 points for reaching word requirement) What makes you stand above other applicants (50 Words minimum)*:
What makes me stand above all other applicants is probably as explained my dedication, because it gives me reasons to work harder and reach my dream job/rank *Staff Manager* and if I'm dedicated then my work will be awesome and so will my effort aswell and I'll ensure that all users/players having ME as theyr personal assistant for a sit, they would go away happy.

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being accepted*: Join the server, go as staff on duty, ask Anne or Down to be with me in my next 3-5 sits to show them my ability in being a staff member and keep working untill tomorrow.

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being denied*: I would happily thank whoever read my application for taking time to read it and give me feedback, then I'd join the server build a big base and play.

Other information: I'm a 16 year old swedish boy


Good App. Glad to have you on my staff team. Waiting to see what other staff think before I make my decision


Copy boss, I guess we wait now.


DENIED, Down Said you tried to ban the entire server so you will not be getting staff any time soon.

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