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My staff app


(+5 points) Name*: Kian

(+5 points) Age*: 13

(+5 points) Steam ID*:STEAM_0:0:427134113

(-10 points per warn) Warns on the server*: 0

(+0 points) Steam Community Link*:

(+0 points) Country*: United Kindom

(+0 points) Timezone*: GMT

(over 400 hours = +10 points) Hours on Garry's Mod*: 233

(Over 12 hours = +25 points) Hours on the server (12 Hours minimum)*:

(+10 points per staff experience) Previous experiences as a staff member:

(Reach word requirement = +50 points) Why do you want to assist DownServers? (150 Words minimum)*:

Do you have a microphone? (+5 points if you have a microphone):yes

Do you know how to speak English fluently? (+5 points if you do):yes

(+10 points for reaching word requirement) What makes you stand above other applicants (50 Words minimum)*: i view myself as equal to them i have no greater skill than them if they can i can if i can they can etc i love making a server fun and enjoyable away from rulebreakers and people ruining the rp experence and keeping it fresh

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being accepted*: look for rulebreakers and thank the people who accepted me

(+5 points) What would be the first thing you did after being denied*: wait the time and apply again

Other information:


Update: playtime around 4 hrs maybe more


- support
- Did not answer all the questions / bad effort 
- not the recommended hours on garry's mod


Reasons Stated Above

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