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Hi I am Taha<3 and I am a car addict

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Hi I am Taha<3, I am a car addict I am new to support groups but I am glad I came and to confess
It all started when I was young found a guy named Lee carter now lee owned 2 cars and was rich, So I offered to be his student so I can become as rich as him,It was all fun and game until He started buying cars a lot of them and I was just a loyal servant to him so I followed his steps started by buying 2 cars one day Lee maid a car show And I was amazed by the number of cars he had long story short I spent over 40 million on cars PLS HELP,thanks for listening to me

You maid me the way I am You did this to me This all your fault and I am seeking revenge sleep with one eye open you never know when I will srike (lee carter)


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