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Keithhale57 Application


  • Why do you want to become a staff member? I want to support the server, I want to be moderating the server, I want to help the server to be a better place and keep a much gooder place so more people join.

  • How would I benefit the community this way? I willl invite friends, I will also advertise on my youtube www.youtube.com/Alpha Bravo <-- Link and I will make the server a better place.

  • Would I be able to be active enough to make a difference? Yes, I will be able to make a difference I will be active all the time when I get back from school and I will do eveything I can to not prove this server wrong!



You have not followed the template provided. You have until 20/03/2019 to fix this or it will be DENIED.


- support 

- Did not follow the Format Provided.

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